Martin in Karakol

It was at the beginning of August when Martin Maška from the European Youth Press – Network of Young Media Makers (Berlin, Germany) completed first part of the exchange program with the Leadership Youth Volunteer Organization in Karakol. He was hosted by his twinning partner Aitilek Kanybekova and her colleagues – Anastasia, Altynay, Diana, and Marie. Martin and Aitilek worked together on topics of increasing youth media literacy, data-based storytelling, and enhancing skills in project development among local youth leaders. (more…)

Igor in Kochkor

Igor Hincu from Edujoc, Inc. (Chisinau, Moldova) visited his partner, Mirbek Asanbai uulu, spending seven days with the Kochkor Youth Council, holding workshops and meeting counterparts for future collaboration in Naryn and Bishkek. (more…)

Lazarina in Tokmok

In early September, Lazarina Boneva from Institute for Social Integration (Sophia, Bulgaria) traveled to collaborated with her twinning partner, Olga Lavrinovich, director of the Cornelius Society (Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan). While she was in Kyrgyzstan, the two colleagues were about to continue their ongoing collaboration studying the ways that women can claim their rights in society.


Florian in Bishkek

Florian Coppenrath from the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris) visited his twinning partner Akylai Koichumanova from the Union of Youth Organizations of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) at the end of August. At EHESS, Florian works on the project “Wikistan”, a web-platform and network for Central Eurasian studies. The exchange with Akylai was a good occasion to further develop the connections between research about youth and youth organizations.


Olga in Sophia

Olga Lavrinovich from the Cornelius Society (Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan) visited the Institute for Social Integration (Sophia, Bulgaria) in late August. There, she worked with her counterpart, Lazarina Boneva, on their joint research and activism project that addresses issues of gender and citizenship rights.


Kanybek in Berlin

Kanybek Kamalov from the Karakol Youth Center (Karakol, Kyrgyzstan) visited APOLLO e.V. (Berlin, Germany) in mid-August, where the first working visit between this pair of organizations was a success. Kanybek spent one week participating in a diverse program and lively planning discussions about further cooperation between the two associations.


Alona in Ak-Suu

Alona Dmukhovska from the NGO Territory (Kiev, Ukraine) visited her twinned partner, Nurbek Zakeryaev from the youth association Bekem Yntymak (Ak-Suu, Kyrgyzstan) in early August. As a part of Territory, Alona serves a program director of RespublicaFEST, a Ukrainian music and street art festival, and coordinates youth programs in her home city. This team cooperating to train local volunteers who will be able to organize large cultural events.


Mirbek in Chisinau

Mirbek Asanbai uulu from the Kochkor Youth Council (Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan) spent seven days in Chisinau, Moldova with his twinned partner, Igor Hincu from Edujoc, Inc. Mirbek reported that they were busy throughout the internship period and the time flew by. The team began activities at 6:30 each morning and worked into the evening each night, sharing ideas, expertise, and camaraderie with one another and the community.


Pavel in Bishkek

Pavel Vassiljev from Shokkin Group International (Tallinn, Estonia) completed his internship with Institute for Youth Development in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in late July. He and his twinning partner, Jadyra Balabasova, are creating board games that will prepare young people to enter the job market.

Network Building through Cultural Exchange

Although the workshops took up a lot of time at the Kick-Off Meeting, participants also made time for informal fun and learning. Issyk-Kul served as the perfect setting for building professional and personal ties across borders.