Igor in Kochkor

Igor Hincu from Edujoc, Inc. (Chisinau, Moldova) visited his partner, Mirbek Asanbai uulu, spending seven days with the Kochkor Youth Council, holding workshops and meeting counterparts for future collaboration in Naryn and Bishkek.


The pair held 6 intensive workshops for the people of Kochkor, educators, and trainers from the youth council. The first 3 workshops were held in Russian, and covered topics that are important for building soft skills: storytelling, critical thinking techniques, and reasoning using board games. They also conducted 3 more storytelling workshops in English for school students while collaborating with the local English teach. During these workshops, they used some of the materials that were produced by the twinned pair during Mirbek’s trip to Moldova. The materials for the workshops remain with the Kochkor Youth Council, so that the members who took part in the trainings can lead further workshops for young people in the area.



Additionally, Igor and Mirbek held a “Geography Olympiad”, where more than 30 children from 2 schools were took part. The children were tasked with solving the Kyrgyzstan puzzle map that they had made in Chisinau. Winners of the Olympiad were given prizes of puzzle maps and crayons, and all participants were initiated to enjoy a bubble show and snacks.

While not working with the youth of Kochkor, Igor was able to visit some famous sights along the ancient Silk Road, such as Tash Rabat, the Burana Tower and Osh bazaar. He was impressed with the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan and its striking mountains.

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