Kanybek in Berlin

Kanybek Kamalov from the Karakol Youth Center (Karakol, Kyrgyzstan) visited APOLLO e.V. (Berlin, Germany) in mid-August, where the first working visit between this pair of organizations was a success. Kanybek spent one week participating in a diverse program and lively planning discussions about further cooperation between the two associations.

The week started off on a Sunday with a cultural tour of Berlin. The next day official meetings took place with APOLLO’s partner organizations at the Kyrgyz Embassy. Following this was the highlight of Kanybek’s stay, a three-day tour of farms in Germany where farmers shared expertise that can be used to improve agricultural practices in the Karakol region. Photo documentation from these tours will be shown in Kyrgyzstan when APOLLO’s Anna Tovkalenko visits Kanybek.



Before Kanybek left Berlin, APOLLO held a public event where a guest speaker discussed agriculture in Kyrgyzstan with attendees. Members of APOLLO’s network came up with new ideas for collaboration with Kyrgyz partners. The program concluded with a working session where concrete steps toward creating a significant cross-border project were discussed. Now, Kanybek and his partners at APOLLO are planning to organize a group exchange between young Kyrgyz and German farmers.

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