Lazarina in Tokmok

In early September, Lazarina Boneva from Institute for Social Integration (Sophia, Bulgaria) traveled to collaborated with her twinning partner, Olga Lavrinovich, director of the Cornelius Society (Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan). While she was in Kyrgyzstan, the two colleagues were about to continue their ongoing collaboration studying the ways that women can claim their rights in society.

The Kyrgyz part of their project was entitled Gender Aspects in Society. It focused on the personal growth and potential of young women in Tokmok aged 14 to 28, paying particular attention to the challenges that they face due to economic and religious conditions in the area. The joint research project identified four areas that the Tokmok municipality should focus on to help young women in the area: prevention of radicalization, access to health care, prevention of early marriage, and resources to address drug addiction. These results and a plan to address them were presented to local authorities, and the plan will hopefully be approved in the near future.


Lazarina held several workshops for young women to give them information about skills building, study opportunities, and cross cultural competency. She also took part in team building and cultural exchange events with the staff of the Cornelius Society.

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