Mirbek in Chisinau

Mirbek Asanbai uulu from the Kochkor Youth Council (Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan) spent seven days in Chisinau, Moldova with his twinned partner, Igor Hincu from Edujoc, Inc. Mirbek reported that they were busy throughout the internship period and the time flew by. The team began activities at 6:30 each morning and worked into the evening each night, sharing ideas, expertise, and camaraderie with one another and the community.


During their exciting week together, the pair were able to accomplish even more than they had planned, holding 3 workshops for people in around Chisinau. Mirbek and Igor led a workshop for 10 mothers and their 23 children where they shared innovative methods for constructing objects that participants may need at school and around the house. In the village of Roscani, they taught families how to process local delicacies that can be sold on the market for profit or used for home consumption. They also held a community event for sharing Kyrgyz food and culture with Moldovans, at which Mirbek prepared sheep shashlik, tandoori samsas, and plov. He even performed a traditional Kyrgyz song for the assembled crowd.



Over the course of the week, Mirbek became familiar with the civic culture of Moldova as well. He met with a local politician who served as a former mayor, deputy, and minister inn order to learn about the ways that the public officials respond to their constituents needs there. He also toured 10 small businesses that monetize agricultural products to enhance the local economy.

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