Pavel in Bishkek

Pavel Vassiljev from Shokkin Group International (Tallinn, Estonia) completed his internship with Institute for Youth Development in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in late July. He and his twinning partner, Jadyra Balabasova, are creating board games that will prepare young people to enter the job market.


Pavel spent the week-long internship getting hands-on knowledge about the Institute for Youth Development’s working style, programs, and activities. He was able to observe focus groups in the Chui and Naryn oblasts and facilitate discussions on career planning. He also gave a two-day workshop on game-based learning. The internship also allowed him to meet the rest of the team working at the organization and learn about citizen initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for people in the capital city.


Furthermore, he and Jadyra were able to brainstorm about how to design their board games while enjoying the unique cuisine and natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan. When asked about his  internship experience, Pavel said, “It has been great getting inspiration from my twinning partner, being able to share my passions, and seeing youth work from the Kyrgyz perspective. Already while waiting for my flight back, I began to think of how I can use the lessons I learned in Kyrgyzstan at Shokkin Group International!”

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